The Gap (Watsons Bay, Sydney). The most spectacular yet eerie place one could visit… The cliffs hold such beauty and splendour, but its story strangles you with darkness. Visiting there for the first time filled me with sorrow… The weather, being overcast and rainy, completed this haunting view. It felt like the end of the earth… The only thing that haunted me more than the atmosphere were some photos taken on my phone. The first a normal shot of the beautiful cliffs, but the second (taken no more than a minute later (NEED TO CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT)) leaving me puzzled about the imagery lying in the bottom right corner… I am positive no-one jumped while we were there and it could very well be the water from the waves but…

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    Eerie was definitely the feeling I got :(
  2. filthyterranblood said: And lastly, the cliffs just represent a natural process taking place, nothing more.
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